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Maureen Dunkel, My Decade with Princess Diana

EGG was lucky enough to have Maureen back with us.  Click on the image below to hear the the next chapter from Maureen!
To listen to the interview, click on the image above
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Maureen Dunkel is the co-author of My Decade with Diana: The Perpetual Power of the People's Princess, the story of her encounters with Princess Diana. 

Maureen is a Social Entrepreneur with 20+ years of corporate business building and sales management experience coupled with a deep interest in social causes. She has an amazing story of perseverance and faith.

As a private textile investor she has experienced a decade of running a not- for- profit organization which uses its high profile collection of royal dresses, once belonging to the late Diana, Princess of Wales, as a cultural and educational tool.

Her organization assists other programs related to AIDS, Cancer and Childrens initiatives by bringing the brand recognition of the royal dress collection to their social arena. The foundation (PPCF) oversaw a global charity tour of the royal dress collection from 1997-2001 before the dresses were dedicated to the palace.  Over 1,000,000 people viewed the Dresses For Humanity exhibition in honor of the late Princess's dedication to assisting the less fortunate.

Listen to the interview between Chicke Fitzgerald and Maureen Dunkel by clicking on the image above.